Our Dog's

Claymore Bella

Bella is our  live wire and a girl of unlimited energy . Her agility is astounding,   her proportions are good, she is extremely fit & athletic, and her conformation is absolutely superb. From early on  we noticed that Bella was  highly responsive as she was always very eager to please during training, and ever since then her temperament has consistently improved with age and she is now a   fantastic and responsive girl. Bella excels at agility training and her nick name is speedy. She has a perfect very pretty female face. Her guarding, protection and hunting instincts are high. In addition to this she is a exceptionally loving girl. Bella is admired where ever she goes. Bella is also very good with children.

Bella has excellent health Scores

Hips BVA   7 Excellent

Elbows O-O Excellent

Clear from entropion, ectropion, vaginal hyperplasia or prolapse and patella luxation.



Jannick Zaina

Zaina is the biggest of our dogs weighing 60 kg  but is still exceedingly agile considering her size. She loves to play with the other girls and they spend hours running around together.

Zaina is a very sociable and friendly girl who adapts well to new situations.  She is very confident, relaxed and who takes everything in her stride.  She is adapting really well to agility training.

Zaina has a medium guard instinct.

She is a good girl in every way. Whilst out walking, she will be next to you. When she is on the lead she does not pull and walks very nicely at your speed. Zaina is a proper sweetheart   who also likes a good fuss. Zaina is very good with children. Her tempermant is second to none and anyone who meets her always comments on this.

Hips BVA   16  which is excellent considering this was assessed when she was 3 years 6 months

Elbows O-O Excellent

Clear from entropion, ectropion, vaginal hyperplasia or prolapse and patella luxation.

DNA profiled

We would like to thank Jan Mitchell of Jannik Boerboels  for letting us have such a fabulous sweet girl.



Claymore Ruby

Ruby is bred out of Claymore Frenchie and Deli E Dax this is the highest scoring breeding in the UK.

Ruby is a absolute sweetheart that we  adore. Her loving personality shines through and we simply cannot resist the temptation to constantly pamper and fuss over her. In  addition to this she is  very confidant and chilled out. Ruby is a truly beautiful girl. 

Ruby possesses lovely bone and size while retaining the ultimate femininity.  She has a lovely feminine face. Ruby is a real sweetie and has the most adorable and sweet nature possible. She constantly wags her tail and is always pleased to see you. Ruby puts a smile on your face.

She has just started showing good guarding instincts.

Ruby is doing exceptionally well at agility training.

DNA profiled

Ruby won the highest scoring female at the SABT appraisal in May 2014 this is amazing to say that she was only 13 months old at that time. Ruby also won the Claymore trophy for the best mannered and behaved dog at the apprisal. Rubys appraisal score is 86.8% which means that she is on SABBS Elite register.

We would like to thank Tracey and Garry from Claymore boerboels for letting us have two lovely dogs Bella and Ruby.


Ruby ( Best behaved dog, athe SABT 2014)

Glynglas Harry         


Our boy born 17th April 2014, by Jannik Zaina and Claymore Hector.    Harry is a beautiful very confident boy who is being well socialised and adapting well to all new situations. He has just started at dog training classes and is proving to be very bidable. We attended the SABBS apprsisal in Rosmalen NL in November 2014 and Harry age 7 months came second in the 6-12 month male puppy class

                                     Harry age 5 months